Welcome to JKA Wellington – Shotokan Karate

We are a member of the Japan Karate Association (JKA) of Japan. We teach Shotokan karate in it’s purest form. Our new Dojo in Wellington offers excellent training facilities and programs that focus on your speed, techniques and strength in Kihon, Katas and Kumite.

We develop our students through training to reach their full potential in every Kyu level. If you are currently struggling with Karate it may be because you are not receiving the right training, once you learn the basics correctly you will find karate enjoyable and rewarding.

If your reason(s) to learn to karate is:
  • Get more active (great for kids as well, less time behind the iPad)
  • Build confidence and self-respect
  • Develop physical and mental strength
  • Self-defence
  • Discipline
  • Tired of being bullied at school
  • Achieve a black belt

People of all ages and ability learn karate for their own reasons, but the main one is for self defence, what you will achieve from learning Karate  at the end will be much more than just that. We have dedicated instructors who have the patience and experience to assist with your training in shotokan karate. We welcome leaners and other martial art practitioners who are looking to further develop their karate to a higher level. 

New Students: 

For every new student starting with our club you will be given one on one training sessions with a senior instructor to help you develop the basic karate techniques to get you up to speed, we don’t just put you into a class and hope for the best.  If you have learnt karate before you are more than welcome to continue your training at our dojo as we have many student from other disciplines of martial arts which have joined recently.

Learning Karate is exciting and you will surprise with how far you can develop yourself throughout your training. If black belt is your alternate goal, why not start with the most prestigious karate organisation in the world.  By joining JKA Wellington you will be opened to opportunities to test your skills in the regional, national and international competitions with the support from the worlds largest karate organisation.

Benefits of Karate

Karate has tremendous benefits for the body, mind and spirit. Physically karate is good for the heart, strengthening bones and builds muscle, create resilience, develop hand and eye co-ordination and makes the body less susceptible to sickness and injury. Mentally  karate  helps develop patiences, discipline,  perseverance, understanding and an open mind as well as concentration and focus.  Spiritually karate builds confidence, develops self-control and increase calmness and peace.

With JKA Wellington you will gain new friendship, self confidence and  support in a team environment. Although we set individual goals, we train as a team to help each other progress in the study of the Art of Karate-do.